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Last October, educators and the public, especially ed reformers couldn’t get enough of “Waiting for ‘Superman’.” This year, there’s another movie out that some have described as “…a rebuttal to “Superman” (SmartBrief. Accessed, 10-17-11, 8:53pm). Needless to say, you probably haven’t heard of it yet though because this film’s message isn’t what the reformers want you to hear.

The film is “Mitchell 20,” and the filmmakers would like viewers to “Get Informed.” You can see the trailer here. It’s the story of 20 teachers from an inner city school in Arizona who change the one thing in their environment within their power to change: the quality of their teaching. Don’t believe the reformers who would sell Charter Schools, online learning, or other “easy” fixes as a panacea. The truth is that good teachers…dedicated teachers…are the solution. To believe otherwise is foolish. I recommend the following brief reviews for greater depth:

“Teacher Quality: The Movie…It’s Here! (It’s called MITCHELL 20.)”

“Teaching Reality Check: The Mitchell 20”

If you teach, I hope you’ll look into this movie and become inspired to change what you can.