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Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Meaningless Evaluations – On Performance – Education Week. An excellent summary regarding the problem of evaluations and how to resolve without “working around” the issue. Justin Baeder is astute, well-researched, and poignant in his commentary. Ed intends to follow Justin regularly.


Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys: Book. This Is Gabriel Making Sense of School. New book by Hartley Steiner regarding Sensory Processing Disorder. Check out the link to blog.

Common Core State Standards Initiative | Myths vs. Facts.

43 states and D.C. have adopted Common Core Standards. The time for Minnesota is nearing as many of our neighbors have already adopted. This link addresses myths and realities about what adopting these standards means for students and communities.

Why is international research on the prevalence of autism important?.

Other than checking the status of my investments…I have come across a number of interesting links and posts today. I expound on one in posts. Others not yet mentioned are: “Why is international research on the prevalence of autism important?” by Autism Speaks, and “Special Educators Look to Tie IEPs to Common Core” by Reading Rockets. Both worth a read.

Just came across a great blog called “Friendship Circle”. Looks like the site has 9 featured bloggers, each with a different perspective regarding special needs. In only a matter of moments, I have located three “share-worthy” posts from the site, and I am sure there are many more.

One link worth seeing is “Parenting Advice from Total Strangers” dealing with reactions to children on the Autism spectrum. Another worthwhile post is “Top Five Special Needs News Stories of 2010” dealing with insurance reform for autism; iPad apps fro special needs; The “R-Word”; Special Needs in the Meida, with mentions of HBO’s Temple Grandin release; “A Mother’s Courage”; Glee, and NBC’s “Parenthood.” With the exception of Glee, the focus this year seems to be ASD, especially Asperger’s. Finally, President Obama’ Expands Technology Access For Disabled is featured.

I am recommending the Friendship Circle blog as a great source of information for parents, families, and persons with disabilities, and I will be following.

Resource for disabled vets

Voting for CABF so other families like mine can receive support and education!

NAEP: Reading Scores Flat at Grade 4, Up Slightly at Grade 8 — THE Journal.