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Other than checking the status of my investments…I have come across a number of interesting links and posts today. I expound on one in posts. Others not yet mentioned are: “Why is international research on the prevalence of autism important?” by Autism Speaks, and “Special Educators Look to Tie IEPs to Common Core” by Reading Rockets. Both worth a read.


Voting for CABF so other families like mine can receive support and education!

I’m voting for CABF for Christmas, are you?

Ed is thinking about Carol Dweck’s Mindset and will make some pithy comments later. In the meantime, if you are unfamiliar with either Carol Dweck or the Mindset theory, check out,, or Enjoy!

So, Ed writes and posts about education, and one critical part of the educational picture is mental health…. Ed wants YOUR vote for CABF, the Child and Pediatric Bipolar Foundation, a group devoted to educating families and the public about a misunderstood and under diagnosed disorder in children and adolescents. I’m voting, and I hope you will too. See the link to follow.