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Light bedtime reading

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Nickelodeon Needs to be Educated – Chrisa Dieterle Hickey. This is a link to a brief post by mental health advocate, Chrisa Hickey, from Chicago. Chrisa’s post describes the concerns that many mental health advocates shared regarding the stigma-inducing stereotypical portrayal of patients with mental illnesses on the most recent episode of iCarly, “i Lost My Mind.”

I hope you will read the brief post and consider taking action to help fight the stigma associated with mental illness. This is of serious concern to teens who are more likely to die from suicide associated with mental illness than they are to die from any other illness or disease.


Stop Disability Slurs

Posted: August 18, 2011 in post
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is a rapidly growing grass roots cause dedicated to stopping disability slurs across the globe.

Join the movement and make a difference for kids and all people!