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Richard Millwood

Richard Millwood (Photo credit: samscam)


Richard Millwood of the UK has created a graphic that purports to be “A visual overview of every single learning theory.” That would seem to be overwhelming and almost impossible, but I think Millwood has truly captured it all and presented it in a graphically appealing way. Here is the graphic.


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SER-Niños Charter School

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Warning: I am about to turn a noun into a verb! I “stumbled” the below link to an abstract from the Arizona State UniversityEducation Policy Analysis Archives” today:

While I am intrigued by the abstract, I have not yet read the article; however, the abstract states clearly the position that charter schools are more racially segregated than traditional public schools. Charter schools can be positive and fill niches that traditional public schools cannot fill; however, I have long stated that charter schools are not a panacea.

I felt it important to share this abstract and the link to the article immediately. I will write more after reading the article.