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Thanks to Ed Tech writer Audrey Watters, I’m checking out the “new” app, available for both iPhone and Android, “Three Ring.” Here is what ThreeRing have to say about themselves:

“Three Ring is the best tool for digitizing student work. It will allow you to create a beautiful stream of student work that can be sorted, searched, organized and reorganized enabling you to engage in authentic assessment like never before.”

Sounds enticing, but how does it work? Who’s using it? What do teachers think about it?

Below is a blog post from one of the founders of the Three Ring project, Steve Silvius, who states that he is a Math teacher and uses the platform to “…easily create digital portfolios of student work and use these for assessment and tracking progress in the classroom” (Pedagogy of the Obsessed. Accessed March 22, 2012).

A Pedagogical Narrative for Three Ring.

Who is using it?

@MatthewPMoran1111 comments on the “Hack Education” blog, “… I wasn’t overly impressed with the existing functions, it is good to hear that [Three Ring] are very receptive to feedback from educators” (“Hack Education.” Digitize and Assess Student Work with ThreeRing. March 21, 2012. Accessed March 22, 2012).

Keep in mind that Three Ring is a very new start-up! The real promise behind the tool is that it allows for ease of use in creating and maintaining digital portfolios…”one of the best tools for formative assessment” according to Silvius. (Thanks to Mr. Silvius for correcting my error here!)

For the record, I’ve signed up for the trial (free to educators) and downloaded the app. The interface is simple and intuitive, and I think Silvius and partners are onto something great. I’m looking forward to seeing how this concept evolves.

  1. PedagogyoftheObsessed says:

    I am glad that you went and found this! Its great to see teachers getting excited at the potential for Three Ring. Matthew is correct that there is not a ton of functionality…but we are developing more right away. Part of starting with less functionality is to make sure we keep it “simple and intuitive”. I am reposting “A Pedagogical Narrative for Three Ring” at our blog– — I hope you will visit regularly. One correction: I wouldn’t call portfolios “formative assessments” rather they are one of the best tools FOR formative assessment, which is a process. Really, the words formative assessment are pretty vague these days…I plan to write about this soon. Thanks again for trying Three Ring, I hope you will help us to realize our potential.

    • @ed_advocate says:

      I’m glad you decided to repost “A Pedagogical Narrative for Three Ring” at your new blog. Thanks also for catching my error regarding formative assessment. I have edited my post to reflect your comment.

      Some of the things I really like about the platform are the ability to leave notes and comments; the ability to set up students and classes with ease; and the lack of clutter. For example, one could attempt to utilize an app like Evernote for the purpose of archiving student work, but it would not be easy to save or locate each student’s work. ThreeRing does make archiving student work simple, and that’s the beauty of your product.

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