Budget Cuts Raise Questions About Federal Commitment to Literacy

Posted: March 17, 2011 in link, post
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Budget Cuts Raise Questions About Federal Commitment to Literacy.

New post on Ed Week blog reveals that 1/3 of cuts to US Dept of Ed budget come through cutting funding from literacy programs. It seems disingenuous to require “100% proficiency” for all students in reading and math and then to cut funding to literacy programs that work.

As Senator Franken recently remarked in a response regarding the dubious H.R. 1, “…difficult choices must be made. We cannot simply decide we will cut $500 billion from the budget with no effect on or consideration for the public. We will have to look at real programs on which we are spending real money and decide that we are no longer going to spend money on those programs.” Franken continued to state that H.R. 1 cuts willy-nilly without consideration of effect on the nation. Franken also makes clear his support for education.

We can all agree that some funding must be cut and some programs eliminated. We must concede that there are duplicative efforts within some of the federal programs, including within the education sector, and where duplication exists, it makes sense to eliminate. That said, it seems dubious, at best that 1/3 of funding cuts to education (approximately $350,000,000) come from elimination or defunding of literacy programs. Who is supposed to step up to fill these gaps?


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