Writing Matters–Blog from E-Write’s Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick

Posted: February 27, 2011 in post
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If you do any web writing at all, you may be familiar with E-Write Online. If you are not familiar with E-Write Online, I encourage you to check out the site.

While E-write Online is the business site of partners Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick, Writing Matters is described as their “…blog about how and why” (http://www.ewriteonline.com/ Homepage. Accessed 2-27-2011). The blog is informative and directed toward what the authors refer to as “…front line administrative and support personnel who communicate with customers directly….” (http://www.ewriteonline.com/ht/d/sp/i/239/pid/239).

Writing Matters covers topics ranging from blogs, content, E-mail, and editing, to customer service, marketing, plain language, style guides, and much more. Some recent topics include: “over-the-top e-mail list hygiene”; “Thank you for your message; however, I’m not going to read it”; and “Editor surveys staff to see whether writers understand their own jargon.”

Even if you are merely a casual web-writer like I am, if you are interested in improving your style, tone, content, or even punctuation, you are sure to find something useful at Writing Matters.

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