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Posted: February 16, 2011 in link, post
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Image by Susan Sharpless Smith via Flickr

I stumbled across a great resource yesterday from a group based in New York called As the name suggests, they offer web-based solutions to reading comprehension concerns for grades K-6.

I work as a literacy tutor with the successful Minnesota Reading Corps initiative. Our focus is on K-3 students (as well as at-risk pre-primary students), and our goal is to build reading fluency using research-based effective interventions. Our program works, and it works well for the population we serve, but our primary goal is fluency, not comprehension. It is not a flaw in our program–the research suggests that comprehension cannot be built without fluency, and I agree; however, reading comprehension is another gap to be filled, and good readers are both fluent and have strong comprehension. helps to fill this important void. Check it out at the “” website:

Here are a few of the things you can do at “”:

1. Register for a free account that gives you access to national standards alignment across all 50 states and to the new common core standards; save lessons to a personal binder; and track your progress through professional development courses available online.

2. Locate reading passages for use with individual students or in the classroom.

3. Utilize the sequenced, state and common-core aligned lessons that are also aligned with popular and productive reading curriculum like Scott Foresman.

There is so much material available that I encourage you to peruse the site to see what you can use…there should be something for everyone! If you would like just a little tease to further motivate you to take action, view this brief, 90 second, video from ReadingWorks: Ninety-second site tour.


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